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Parking Lot Paving, Driveway Repairs and More in Paradise

Are there cracks in your driveway? Does your building’s parking lot require resurfacing? The experienced team at Twin City Paving can help you with a range of paving services in Paradise such as driveway repairs, asphalt patching and resurfacing. Whether you’re building residential neighbourhoods and apartment buildings or commercial office buildings and manufacturing facilities, we can provide you lasting paving with an attractive end result. Boost your property value by having a new asphalt driveway or walkway installed by us.

Patching and Resurfacing

Cracks and holes on roads, pavements and parking lots can become worse if not repaired on time. Asphalt patching can help prevent huge repair expenses caused by the neglect of such issues. If patching cannot solve the issues, consider asphalt resurfacing. Regular resurfacing can not only improve road conditions but also enhance the appearance of the roads. Resurfacing can correct structural damage and add life to your driveway. Our crew use the right techniques for patching and resurfacing to ensure the new layer of asphalt lasts a long time.

Other Services

Large puddles of pooling water are caused by bad draining systems that eat away your driveway and seep into the ground beneath it. We provide excavation and drainage installation services to fix such issues.

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Tenders and Subcontracting Work

We undertake projects for industrial and municipal sectors.

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